About Us

our brand 

Royce Essentials is an online clothing boutique founded and curated by us, sisters Sydney and Taylor. Size-inclusive and black women-owned, we pride ourselves on uniting women of all shapes, sizes, and colors with fashion.

our story

Royce Essentials is our passion project started amid the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to crush the pandemic blues with a little creativity. 

Spending more time together during the pandemic reminded us that while we may look and express ourselves slightly differently on the outside, we both have a love of fashion that is rooted in self-love and self-expression. Realizing this shared passion for fashion prompted us to put our heads together and create a sister project that normal circumstances (pre-pandemic) did not allow for. 

We found that we faced a lot of the same problems and issues with the fashion industry and both wanted to change that. Being tired of shopping in the “Plus” section and being aggravated that there are always so many more (and cuter) straight-size options than plus-size options, we vowed to create a brand that carried all clothing items in straight-size and plus-size. 

All items are hand-picked by us. We wouldn’t sell anything on Royce Essentials that we wouldn’t buy or wear ourselves. Our items are quality, affordable, and sure to make all of our Royce Essentials customers feel beautiful, comfortable, and trendy whenever they wear a Royce Essentials ‘fit. 

our bosses

We are two twenty-something sisters from Long Island, NY. We combined our fashion sense and unique styles, business savvy, and go-getter mentalities to turn our small idea into Royce Essentials. 

We both bring a little something different to the table. Taylor leans toward the chic, luxe aesthetic, while Sydney has more of a romantic, whimsical vibe. Together, we’re sure to provide a selection that will appeal to all our customers.